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DAY 14

Feeling: Shattered but productive

Today I dealt with a lot of things in the house and tidied a lot up. Daisy is feeling ill so I'm monitoring her, she woke up to throw up a few times.. Probably ate things she shouldn't as usual!
I have work tomorrow and it's so strange that if I'm not at work for a while I'm like... Oh god what do I do. It's like I forget how to do my job! Hopefully tomorrow it'll all come back to me quite immediately!
I've been thinking about youtube again, I really need to tidy my workspace before I begin anything. I'm worried that because it's almost been a year the people who watched my videos and asked for more have forgotten about them. But then in the other case, I don't want to NOT make videos and disappoint people further. I'm not sure what to make videos on entirely, it's not like I have a skill... I just like talking.
My boyfriend has some potential good news on the way and I'm feeling excited for him, even if it doesn't amount to anything. I'm very proud of him, he's a good person and deserves the best things.
I feel I should blog more frequently as when I do a sum up of my boring day, it's not very inclusive in how I was in each of those moments.
Dude this must get most boring blog of the year, is mood blogging even a thing? I don't find this therapeutic at all!

Ps. Thanks for reading you guys, I find it incredible that you are all following along. I've not missed a day yet, but some blog posts are a lil late dependent on Internet access, but I have done them all! Incase the dates are a lil weird, I'll fix that later!

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