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DAY 21

Work was long and when I got out I was just too excited go shopping! Shopping is becoming a thing for me again which is bad because of the sheer amount of overdraft I ate into last year. Shopping makes me happy. Last summer I was obsessed with exercise and nature, this year it's shopping again. I was doing so well exercising and feeling good but now im just planning out my new wardrobe and I just want everything. I need some serious storage solutions as well! Basically I have too many shoes and nowhere to put them so I need to figure something out. I've been looking on Amazon a lot and I just don't know because when I get my own place ideally I can devote my second bedroom to it, unless I do have a closet. I have a big walk in closet currently, but it's not big enough! I take up so much of this house it's insane! I have so much stuff.
I am feeling good though, I just really need to stop the shopping thing it's getting out of hand again.
I'm considering starting gaming again, basically after the great super Mario year of 2010 I became obsessed and wouldn't sleep and just couldn't stop playing it. That's bipolar disorder for you, obsession! I don't want to be addicted to anything, but I think gaming would cost less money than general shopping because at this point I'm gonna buy 3 holidays!

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