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DAY 24

Today I'm feeling okay, I've had an issue with the doctors though. I've been feeling ill and my blood test was two weeks late so I booked the appointment I was recommended to, to see the GP for results and to tell them I'm sick.
As usual, the story always is with Saltcoats Group Practice, I can't get a appointment for a few weeks. If I make an 'on the day' appointment - I can't 'select' my own GP and so someone new would have to be introduced and read up about my condition.

I called my psychiatrist's secretary demanding to stop the medication, and she said she'd put me on to a duty nurse as my psych is on annual leave until the 20th (I have an apt on the 22nd with him). The duty nurse called and agreed it was atrocious that I've been put on a dangerous medication and they're failing to monitor me adequately and are not co-ordinating with the CMHT. She basically said if I'm feeling ill I need an emergency appointment and I was to call back and ask for one. Because I'm on lithium, me being ill could be down to Poisening (since my medication was put up) and they haven't told me my levels yet. She also recommended in the long run I change practice, but that means travelling to a new one which takes more time from me!

So what did I do? Well I didn't bloody call the doctors back. I don't care anymore if they can't be fucked with my health, well then neither can I! It seems my practice is full because of the alarming rate of teenage pregnancies and junkies, but my primary health is neglected. I'm not saying any are more important, but I'm saying there's definitely an imbalance!

My boyfriend was like 'Aymie you gotta call if you're not feeling well' and I was all 'babe, if I'm gonna die - im gonna have a spiteful death! I'm gonna die to make a point!'.
Aymie Black, martyr.

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