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DAY 26

Today was uneventful, other than the fact I got wifi fitted with my new phone line – which means, yep you guessed it! I’m back in the real world!
Oh my, you could not even begin to calculate the struggle that I had using my mobile data. I couldn’t enjoy my amazon prime instant video subscription… I couldn’t use my Netflix… I couldn’t facetime! How on earth did the world go round pre-wifi?

I’ve been feeling great and vastly motivated, I’ve did clear outs in my room and most importantly I’ve sorted out all my stationary again. I’ve been buying a lot recently and although I know I shouldn’t it does give me this smallest bit of glee. I don’t know about you, but I love stationary. I’ve done a full update – I have legions of staedler pencils and an oxford pencil army. I’ve bought some nice ‘all rounder’ bic pens, along with some erasable ink pens. To appease my penchant for novelties, I have continued my ‘cute eraser’ collection. Basically I collect a bunch of novelty erasers (or rubbers as we call it in the UK) and put them in a big pencil case – never to be used! They are just so appealing and I am so massive on tacky, kitsch, low brow objects.

I have a summer project for uni and I haven’t managed to start yet and so I’m a little worried about that, but c’mon other than the stationary spending – I’m poor! Well, first world poor. I need to travel to fulfil my brief and I haven’t managed to yet – it’s also down to scheduling aswell, I’m finding it very difficult to even fit in my doctors. Which brings me to my next form of giddiness… Antman release day tomorrow! I am just so excited for this origin tale, it’s going to be all kinds of wonderful and being a huge Marvel geek – I’m continuing my ‘release day’ streak to see it in the movies! It’s important for me to see movies from favourable franchises on release day. For example, Marvel Cinematic… Other Marvel (X-Men, Spiderman)… The Hobbit… I even stretch to some DC. I am heavily anticipating Suicide Squad: I love Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

So I’m doing great, you will all be glad to hear. I’ve still to sort out this whole appointment fiasco – but I’ll get that cleared up soon enough.

I’m trying to get back on board with my channel, although I’m really struggling. I think I’ve gotten really nervous to start back in case everyone hates it – even though so many of you have asked. I love my channel for its intimate audience. I was saying earlier today to my boyfriend that I like the fact that the people who view my content – engage with it. It’s not just an empty case of ‘views’ and ‘numbers’, I love that you all get in touch with me and talk to me. We are best friends, even if we’ve never met – we just have to respect each other and that’s enough!

If you ever want to talk – you can get me on twitter @AymieBlack, I have to scout through DMs so please give me a tweet before hand saying you’ve DMd or ask me to follow back so you can. We together are a community that build each other up and so I would love for you to get in touch or if you have anything bugging you, give me a shout! I’ve also attatched meaningful links on the right hand side which are much more ‘professional’, I’m not qualified in the slightest to help your issues – but I can be a friend.

Until tomorrow, my beautiful peeps. Have a pleasant Antman release day.

You too Paul Rudd!

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