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DAY 34

Every day I write, with not the hope to inspire you but the hope to relate. I hope that when you read my words – I’m speaking directly to you, and that you feel my words on your body and that they untangle your mind. I have said this a thousand times, but you are incredible my dear reader.

I’ve been doing great, the blog has been consuming a lot of my time in the case of emails and sharing – it’s reached more viewers than ever before, everything is blowing up. We are doing so much good for those who want advice or comforting words… or those who want a deeper insight into serious mental illnesses.

My intent has hopefully always been clear, this is about you. I would never do this to boost the profile of myself, heck – I’d like to think there are more fabulous aspects of me than ‘Bipolar’! This blog shows you where to get help, I’ve explained my symptoms and I explain daily life… each day opening up to give you an aspect of my living such as relationships, bullying and treatment. I’m in this powerful position because of your influence on this blog, a position I never necessarily hoped to be in. I love being here for you all, I am a bit daunted by how big it is becoming so I feel a little pressure – but it’s helping you and so I feel good about that.

I’ve sent and received a lot of emails, I’ve updated my means of sharing to reach more distant audiences through mental health channels. We’ve looked at publishing this online blog through a magazine, interviews and media’s response, monetization for donation and I’ve been offered a lot of positions.

For me, any opportunity that directly (and positively) affects the blog –I will take. If an opportunity if purely for me, I’ll consider – can I do good? And more importantly, however selfishly, can it do me good? I can’t take too much on board for myself as I want to honour my commitments for the blog foremost, and I don’t want to stress myself as at this point you should know everything goes awfully when I get stressed.

I’ve been doing well though, a little hectic with some things going on… I really keep thinking about my closet. When on earth will I find the time to clean it? I’m doing so much and holding down a job and a uni course – In my uni, work does not finish for Summer!

Anyways, I’m going to wrap today’s post up on this note: I love you all for reading and I am grateful for the community of love we have created. You are all fantastic and I am glad we are helping each other through these difficult times we face.

I am strong in this, not because I’m one girl who got unlucky and decided to ‘milk it’ – but because I stood up alongside all my friends and battled to dissolve stigma and bring awareness to an often forgotten, misunderstood serious life-long mental illness. A lot of people reading are young, this is the time where Bipolar symptoms first appear – we have to make sure everyone is aware.

I love you all, let’s stand together.

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