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DAY 47

Today has been another long and eventful day. Starting with work and later a cinema trip for a Release Day viewing of The Fantastic Four (It's actually good, I wouldn't say excellent but it's okay!).

I've had a good day but it's a little stressful with the puppy. If she's not exercised properly she's a complete nightmare, full of biting and excitement. I suppose it's not her fault if she hadn't been exercised as much as usual in a day (Cough, She is your dog Dad!), but it's almost impossible to calm her down. It's twenty five minutes past eleven as I write this and she's already punctured me a thousand times with bites and barked at me for telling her off. She's a nightmare if she hasn't had a long walk. She has been exercised today, just nowhere near what she is used to and so she's a very angry puppy. My dad and her are fighting at the moment, he's screaming that he's getting rid of her. Now I'm feeling stressed out.

I worry when I feel stressed because it's my number one trigger in my illness. I don't cope well at all and I can just feel this overwhelming feeling as I hear my dad and dog having a tiff downstairs. The dog is honestly not punishable she can be really boisterous, she just needs put in her bed. My dad's now shouting he's getting rid of her. This is what we call live blogging my friends.

I just want to go to bed at this point, because I'm sick of listening to this fight over and over again. She is a baby after all and she should've been exercised more than what she was. I'm going to go walk her in a few minutes I think just to calm her down, I really need a breather too.

Life is full of little triggers and the worst thing about these is that so many of them are unavoidable. It's thoroughly difficult to just avoid the things that worsen your illness. I feel all kinds of emotion at the moment and I can tell I need to step out of the situation and take a breather.

I apologise for how shit this blog is tonight, but I'm genuinely not coping well with all this anger in this house and I need to take a walk.

Tomorrow will be better, I promise.

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