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DAY 50

As I write my puppy is doing somersaults all over me, so please appreciate the effort of this post considering the circumstances.

Today was a long day and I know I say that all the time but I got so much done. Me and my boyfriend got up early to go to Whetherspoons in another town for some breakfast, we then did some shopping and headed home. When we got home we then decided to travel to visit my sister so we got a train up and stayed for a few hours before heading home again. I headed back to my place after catching the 11pm train.

I love this level of productivity, I love getting the most out of my day. I've realised my eyesight is much worse and I've encountered a few other issues although still no parkinsonism. I count myself lucky that I've not experienced anything worse although the eyesight thing is really annoying. I now can't see things clearly until they're 2 metres in front of me.

Today is the 50th blog post which is quite a tremendous achievement for myself, we've went from tens to hundreds to thousands of people reading this. I regularly review the achievements of this blog and I am very happy I started it. If I knew how big this would be, I wouldn't have started it quite honestly. I'm glad I was unaware of the potential because I really worry about things getting bigger than I envisioned them to be.

Like I've said before, try something new. You never know where it'll lead! I started a little mood blog which became this huge hub for people with mental illness and people trying to understand mental illness. It's wonderful how many people have reached out to me and personally messaged me. I find it remarkable that charities have shared my blog as a source of help.

You have the capability to do something huge, remember that! One day you might be writing a personal blog then BAM it's huge. It's scary when you achieve something big, particularly if you don't like the attention but it's so magical to help a lot of people.

As this is uploaded late, I hope you all have a great day and I hope you all try something new.
That blog you've been wanting to write? Do it! That dance you've wanted to learn? Try it!

All my love,

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