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DAY 67

Today I’m feeling good, continuing with my diet and exercise. Doing a lot of preparatory work. I thought I’d discuss, or answer something that is asked of me numerous times every single day.

How do you stay so positive?

I’ll start off by saying I’m not, if anyone tries to feed you the shit that they are positive 100% of the time then don’t take it because they’re lying. I am delightfully human outside of my mental illnesses. I have good days and I have bad, for me I just have to make sure those bad days don’t become consistently awful days… or the good days don’t become euphorically excellent days. I want everyday to be a good day, so I tell myself everyday is a good day. When I’m not having a good day – I tell myself tomorrow will be a good day.

I think my life is so full of negative experiences that I have no choice but to be positive. I’m probably a death away from being crowned the Queen of the worst luck. Both my mental and physical health are awful, my family life is strained and in general my life has had a lot of bad turns. You only see me being positive, and I will be the first to be honest and say it isn’t always as good as it looks.

I have some truly awful days. I just don’t feel the need to consistently tell social media, you don’t see me when I’m feeling low (outside of the blog). I balance accepting and talking about having a bad day with having a good tomorrow. Sometimes the action of smiling itself can elevate your mood, so even if you don’t feel like it – Smile! You’ll feel the benefits of what you’re doing and so will others.

This one girl (she’s entirely duplicitous) tried to shame me for talking about things I dislike that I was so negative – and I don’t think that’s right. I think we all have an entitlement to feel great and feel crap. We shouldn’t really be standing and shouting ‘Oi, you’re a negative Nelly’ – we should be cheering each other up. Damn, it’s just so annoying that people can’t be supportive of each other or even friendly. Gross!

What you see of other people in their social media as well is not an accurate depiction of their life, I think we should all know that by now. I come across as positive because that’s what I put out there, anyone can do that. It doesn’t mean I’m any better of a person than you, I think I’ve just learned that being optimistic and encouraging is the best sort of engagement to have with others – even those I don’t entirely like. The strongest power you can have is being good in the face of evil, no ulterior motives than just being kind when it’s really difficult. This world is full of selfish and mendacious people. The best thing you can do? Be nice to them. Damn it, be so nice to them sunshine starts pouring out the crack of your ass.

On the Internet particularly, it seems people are so out for the vilification of one another. If I say anything even remotely dumb, you can bet there are 100 people typing out a witty insult to me. I have such good damage control because I am quite clever and built with experience, but the best way to act in a negative situation is always to be positive. Just be kind, it’s so easy to be kind yet so difficult. You are stronger for choosing positivity, if there are people who want to calumniate each other then bloody let them!

At the end of the day if people want to sit an be negative or worse – act positive with negative means or intention through bitterness – then let them. I found certain people I had arguments with, no sugar coating, were plain unintelligent. To delve into that negativity too and entertain them, well I was just making myself look stupid. Positivity IS taking the high road and it does no damage, do it for yourself!

Be good to others even if they are not good to you. Be good to the world even if it’s not good to you. Don’t be bitter - be pleasant. Don’t be selfish - be grateful. Do things because they are good, not because you think it’ll rise your social status and not because you want to get back at another. Forget the bad things that happened a long time ago, dwelling isn’t doing anything – it’s just slowing you down. The world isn’t full of bad people, just good people who are a little lost. You have a world of potential, if only you’d be kind.

Have clean thinking your world will honestly be turned upside down.

I hope you’re all having a lovely evening and I’ll check in with you lot tomorrow. Keep positive!