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DAY 71

Today I met my aunties after not seeing them for years. I see my auntie Yvonne much more than I have seen my auntie Yvette, who I hadn't met since I was a baby. It was lovely catching up and sharing more about my family history as my dad is very quiet about that sort of thing. It's a shame that my dad's side of the family is so broken. I wish we had more communication and were able to identify more as a united family.

So I had a good day today albeit, a very long day. I was exhausted afterwards and so I'm struggling right now to write this blog post.

I did something new today that I hadn't done before - I went out of my comfort zone to meet people who were almost strangers but that was okay. I even broke my 'no-hugging' rule. As usual when I came home I was attacked by the happiness of Daisy, who acted like she hadn't seen me in three years. Considering I spent all week with her, I think she got very attached to me being around. She is such a darling though and it's nice to be appreciated so intensely.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with my boyfriend and we're going out, it's his day off and I haven't seen him for a week so we're just chilling - hopefully going to grab some good food.

I wish I had more to say, I'm just very exhausted. I'm really sorry these blog posts have been shorter than my normal essays. I think when I'm happy there is less to report, the hallucinations I'm having are still strong along with the horrible nightmares. I just feel like I've mentioned things a lot and I don't want you to think 'Oh, she's talking about THAT again'. I just have a very obsessive mind and I seem to go over the same things day in - day out. I'm glad I'm finding this space to relax and everyday I feel a little closer to normality, once I'm back at university - I think it'll clear that right up, but then again that's where the stress comes in. I hope I'll be okay.