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DAY 77

Today is a day for relaxation. I am taking a break from my usual ‘busybody’ self and allocating time to doing absolutely nothing. I am staying at my partner’s house as it seems he’s excellent at doing nothing, jokes of course. Sometimes you have to take a step back from your routine so you don’t lose your sanity. I think I’ve always preached that having a routine is the way to go, but sometimes it isn’t. I think I become consumed in my own bubble that I have to pop that, deconstruct things in order to put them together properly.

When I take time out, usually with my partner, I do things that I regard as quite personal, clandestine things. So I guess today I don’t have as much to say as I usually do. I feel like you don’t really know who you are until you do nothing, and I’m not meaning to come across as an articulate, pompous free spirit although that sounds like a fitting description. Sometimes you have to allocate either alone time with yourself or just time to really relish existence. I always exaggerate that you have to live and experience wonderful things in your life… but an important aspect of living is being zen and relishing your own peace.

I challenge you to take time out of your busy schedule and to award yourself a well needed day of doing nothing. A day without a plan. I remember in one of the first conversations I ever had with my now partner was about what we wanted to do with our lives. He said he wanted a new job and to live with friends, I replied that my plan was not to have a plan. Of course with a mental illness you need a degree of stability, but I find it very unfortunate that my life has become very mundane with planning. I almost feel like I’ve set out to do A, B and C and the predetermined aspect has spoiled my depths of enjoyment. This may sound almost ironic, but it’s nice to live in a bewildering world and to harvest unprecedented moments.

Set aside a little bit of time for your own self discovery, in my free time I like researching different things - I’m an avid learner. One day just don’t have a routine or plan and let yourself kind of flow through that time, you’ll realise the kind of decisions you make will be more relaxed because you’ve not pressurised yourself to attain so much in a specific space of time.Try mixing it up, just a little!

P.S. Don’t heavily disrupt your routine if there are medical factors, please don’t cancel appointments or stop taking medication based on being spontaneous! We all have to have a little bit of reality.