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DAY 82

Today was a day dedicated to taking care of myself, it's really quite difficult when you deal with so many outside factors but I spent some time reading and then I went for a walk and chat with a friend. I have so many friends actively speaking to me at the moment that I'm struggling to keep on track of each conversation. It's so odd that I have a long quiet time and then suddenly everyone crawls out from nowhere, although I do love my friends and I wouldn't trade it.

Even though I woke up feeling worse than usual, I'm being positive through all the stress. If I stress anymore, I'll lose all my hair. I didn't eat for two days because of stress and so I forced myself today to eat cereal, which I then had dinner that evening and oh god, I have never felt so full. My stomach must've shrunk quite a bit and so I feel very ill.

Dealing with stress at the moment does feel a little impossible but after speaking to my friend I think the best way forward is just taking things easy and paying attention my situations now, because the idea of what's happening next week is terrifying. My life is almost a shambles, it's like this point where it's dangling off the edge and I'm trying to keep cool about it. It's very difficult.