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DAY 89

I'm having a tricky time at the moment, but in my own opinion I am coping well. Each day I learn new methods to cope with my situations, to handle stress more easily. I'm keeping up at university which is always good and I am enjoying my own company more and more each day. I would like to socialise a little more, but it's difficult to tie my friends down recently. Everything takes time and I'm getting to a place where I can be really happy with what I have. I feel content at the moment, I'm honestly getting there.

In a life where I try and balance it's difficult to deal with stress and incidents. I feel very weak about a lot, particularly people who I know have cruel intentions or want to throw me off balance. Something inside of me refuses to shake people off and get on with things. In their case, they're really just taking advantage of someone who isn't well. I feel like I'm so easily looped in now and I just need to find this strong kind of independence within myself, one of which that allows me to stand up straight and decline bad situations and reject the influence of those who are less than kind. It's difficult and I think we all find it difficult, mental illness or not. How do you say no to something?

Taking one day at a time, but I'm doing really well. This week - I'm going to learn to say no and treat myself much more favourably. It's important to treat yourself well, I mean sometimes you are the only person looking out for yourself so you really have to take care. Love yourself.