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DAY 43: Still Awake

I slept for a few hours once I got home on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I've not slept since. I've justified watching Game of Thrones non stop and I'm going through the seasons at an alarming pace. My mind is racing, I feel irritated at pretty much everything - I don't know if having alcohol beforehand has accelerated whatever I'm feeling but it's peculiar to get that feeling once more where my body is exhausted but my brain is continuing to go on and on.
Positively, I've managed to get through so much and I've been non stop in conversations with just about everyone so I've been accomplishing a lot of work and socialising a lot more than usual but I just don't feel enthused to stop. I've obviously tried turning everything off but my mind is racing there's so many thoughts I can't stop. I honestly just need sleep but my mind has another plan.