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'On The Level' Podcast

Bipolar Scotland have launched their podcast 'On The Level', which I certainly felt would be relevant to share on here, and I am so excited to host the podcast. In terms of podcasts specifically about Bipolar Disorder, there are no organisations that have introduced this kind of content in the United Kingdom - so I am elated to help get the ball rolling!

CLICK FOR: On The Level Podcast: Episode 1 - Soundcloud

As with anything new there are teething problems and we're working to improve quality - so you will hopefully see those developments as the episodes go on. Starting something new is always a risk too and it is definitely something the charity have not approached before, so I would love if you could all click the link above and give it a play and also share onto your own respective social media channels.

The first episode is speaking with Bipolar sufferer Michael Connolly, who tells us a lot about his life with the illness and his long road to recovery.

I'm so excited to be teaming up with the charity, and if you love the podcast - as ever - I would encourage you to donate. The small charity is dedicated to providing information and support for all things Bipolar Disorder - whether you are a sufferer, you know someone who has the illness or just want to educate yourself on the complicated disorder.

DONATE: Bipolar Scotland on JustGiving

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