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My Mental Health Story

Understanding My Mental Illness: Diagnosis

August 2014: After losing my hair and having cystic acne, my doctor explained my symptoms were to do with Low Mood and I was referred for various appointments.

September 2014: My GP began treating me for Anxiety and Depression. After an adverse reaction to Anti-Depressants, I was referred onto the Community Mental Health Team to be checked for a 'personality disorder'.

December 2014: I progressed with treatment for a Major Depressive Disorder.

March 2015: After months of assessment and suggestions of a Bipolar diagnosis, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder Type 1. Long term treatment of this includes taking lithium, episode-dependant use of Anti-Depressants/Anti-Psychotics as a 'top-up', Beta Blockers for anxiety and attending appointments with Mental Health Nurses, Psychiatrists and the GP.

July 2015: 'Prodormal' Schizophrenia diagnosis. Schizo-Affective disorder ruled out as psychosis was not concurrent with Bipolar episodes.