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100 Days of Mimi is a mental health and wellbeing blog, which discusses a range of topics from Mental Illness to Relationships. The aim of the blog is to provide a safe place for people to feel reassurance, be inspired and perhaps learn a little.

100 Days of Mimi was started in 2015 by Scottish writer and Glasgow School of Art Graduate, Aymie-Michelle Black; known by her nickname Mimi.

The site was created after Mimi was diagnosed with Type 1 Bipolar Affective Disorder at age 19, with the blog originally taking the form of an unfiltered mood diary. Since then, the blog has grown rapidly; now covering a variety of topics and featuring different writers. However, the soul of 100 Days of Mimi remains the same: a blog which hopes to inspire and educate, whilst putting mental health at the forefront.

With hundreds of posts, there is plenty of reading material available on the site. You can easily find posts for a specific topic by utilising the 'Find A Topic' feature or by using the search bar. To keep the blog safe, 100DOM does not have a comments section - however you can fill out the contact form on the site if you would like to get in touch, or visit our contact page. You can confidentially register for email alerts to stay updated, and we encourage you to visit the 'Helpful Places' section of the website.