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DAY 11

Feeling: alright actually!
Today I had a big day out with my boyfriend and puppy, we went out a big walk to the beach and Daisy enjoyed herself so much! I like living in a seaside resort for the lovely big beaches, and the chip shops are definitely not bad.
I went home afterwards with the pup who had a massive nap! Very chilled out and very blissful.
My birthday is in 2 weeks and my boyfriend has no idea what to get, of course I wouldn't mind if he didn't get me anything but he's insistent and he can't think of anything. I got this gold Rabbit pen and it's gorgeous and I love it so so much. He can't figure out anything else though, and so I've looked for what I want - and I genuinely don't want anything! It's quite the dilemma! (A very first world dilemma) the stuff I do want is either vastly expensive (an embroidery machine) or out of the question (a dachshund). So I thought of getting my bunny more things, but my boyfriend is hesitant as we did put together money for Flower's operation as a Valentine's Day gift. Flower gets majority of my occasions it seems!
I find it a little stressful trying to 'think of things', isn't that silly?
It'll work out, I'm glad what I get for my birthday is my biggest problem right now

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