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DAY 13

Feeling: Very frustrated

Today I saw my charge nurse and she basically started from scratch with me, so  she was asking about what I did... About uni... About my boyfriend to build character. She was telling me all these different things about how she can't do much because my psychiatrist deals with me, they won't give me antipsychotics until I've been on lithium a sufficient amount of time, and nothing is changing with my psychosis so it is quite disturbing.
I was told more about diagnosis as I sill count as under assessment, I need to be cleared of schitzo-affective disorder basically. Serious bipolar can har psychotic features, so it could be under that (lithium will tell) or else it'll be something more Schitzophrenia-like.
I just want normality, I'm sick of all this and I'm actually sick of this blog aswell because I'm thinking about my illness for it and blah blah.
A positive of my day is that I ordered some super awesome headphones which arrive tomorrow. I can't quite find my EarPods... Damn.

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