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DAY 15

Today I feel ok, again. I apologise for the blogs being so boring, but I am truly shocked at people still reading and I don't want to stop because I'm worried people will think I'm a quitter.
Work was very difficult and fast paced today; my feet always kill me after a long day! I had a look at all the sales and man do I want money! I had a really bad spending problem a few months back when I wasn't myself, I feel so tempted to spend all my money but I know I can't. I'm sure I'm going to get paid soon, and it's my birthday soon and I'm sure I'm gonna get tons of presents (feeling loved actually!) and I'm excited about that.
Tomorrow I am going on a 'beagle walk' where essentially my puppy gets to meet other dogs.
I really wanna get my life in order, I just don't know where to begin. But I should begin.

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