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Feeling: 4/10

I feel significantly better today, I think after having a phonecall and talking about how I'm feeling the night before definitely has helped me. I still feel quite emotional, not as on edge but it feels like someone has died. I'm not sure who I feel has died, but it's like the odd calm after the storm. I'm trying to find normality, which is unachievable as it is, but I think I'm getting there.
Today I went out with my dad and the puppy, I bought Daisy a dress to keep her cool from the sun which was unbelievably cute. My great nephew was born yesterday and I got my first photos of him today, and I was told I am Godmother. I'm looking forward to work tomorrow aswell, so it seems today was a day of positives.
But I don't feel positive? I feel a little bit like.. Bleh. Like I'm in mourning. But I am truly pushing myself and trying to make that effort to be a little bit happier.
It took a shove for me to post tonight, day two and I'm failing already! I'm just excited to get a sleep before my super busy day tomorrow - work and visiting the baby.
Signing out, God(ess)mother Aymie!

Oh and thanks for the kindness everybody, I'm glad you are reading this little journey. Boss AF.
No really, lots of love.

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