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Feeling: Actually okay-okay

I feel like I'm at a solid 5.5 in how I feel. That means so much to me.
I feel bad for the consistent complaining, but maybe somewhere it made me feel a little better so I won't apologise! I didn't MAKE you read!
Today I had the flu really bad and I had to run tons of errands, infused with my dad's consistent complaining which drives me absolutely mad. I then had the doctor where my usual doctor is not available, so a new GP.
I got the best doctor, seriously the best. Japanese man who is full of humour, quite young and really tries to relate to you and be honest. He read out my blood results which was 0.2 of lithium when it should be 0.6-1.3mmol. So I've been put up from 300mg to 500mg. So hopefully this is going to work. He read out that my psych was treating 'bipolar episodes, possible current psychotic phase and personality issue of anger and strong eccentricity'.
So basically I'm a weird psycho, mood swingin' hulk. Sounds right.
My gp had a good laugh with me though, I did say being an eccentric is a wonderful thing. It's very flattering! My psych does think I behave a little 'oddly' but CMON who doesn't love an eccentric? Particularly a diagnosed one!

Today I also had hilarious trouble with Amazon. The Amazon Twitter blatantly are snubbing me and yes that's hilarious but I'm like, ugh your customer service is gross. Fucking assholes! Basically I paid £3 for a cyndaquil teddy from Japan and it never arrived. The seller took my money but it's now 10 days late after a month of 'delivery' bracket. So I tried to contact seller and basically Amazon said 'this seller has left Amazon' and so I tried to leave a bad review and Amazon said my review wasn't allowed, when all I said was that my money had gone but I hadn't received the product! LOL
So basically I'm £3 down (awful, I know right?) of course this is not about the money (I credit myself with making a decent wage, so I'm not poor as much as I feel it at times). I basically feel scammed and Amazon are huge dicks who won't respond to me, but they'll respond to people who commend them by replying with heart emojis. And to think I payed out for Amazon prime, I'm so angry.
But yeah, I'm feeling okay today! I feel like things will look up, coincidentally a new nurse contacted me for an appointment (a charge nurse since my CPN is ill).
I'm gonna be ok, finally!
Now to tend to this candy crush level, and phone Amazon...

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