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DAY 19

I'm 20 tomorrow... Infact in an hour. Oh god this feels awful! I'm no longer going to be a teenager, I feel so old. I want to just stop the world and get off! I swear I remember being 15 so clearly.. And now this? I shouldn't feel sad but I really do!

On a positive, my beautiful beagle puppy Daisy is 6 months old today. How wonderful!
Look how much she's grown!

Today I had work and with the 2 hours of travelling, I had some good contemplation time. I like listening to sad songs while I contemplate, is that strange?

Overall I feel okay, I even explained a little more to my boyfriend tonight about Psychosis, I think I freaked him out a little... Which does make it quite humorous!

I'll speak to you all tomorrow.

Oh and Ps. Did anyone get to watch tonight's (6th jul. 15) Eastenders? My dad told me it had a good section about bipolar, worth a check out on iplayer!

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