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DAY 27

Hello friends, another day… another nickel! (Who picked up the reference? Ten points to Gryffindor!).

Today has been another incredibly long day, it’s currently 1am and here I am tapping away writing this blogpost. As I am no longer using a mobile format to update – I’m finding my writings are becoming very long winded, I’m not entirely sure if this is positive. Do you find yourself bored within the first few lines? Should I go back and make these sentences more decadent and flirtatious, in order for you to stay a little longer?

I can only give you myself and I thoroughly apologise, as I’m not that fantastic a person at times!

I feel today has been a great day and I’m feeling very much happy and besotted with my life. The spending I mentioned before has become a little far fetched – self-help books and novelty erasers being my consistent expenditure. I recognize this is an issue and probably why I feel so good, spending recklessly is really not wise and I understand that it’s wrong but I feel a little like I’ve lost control. Although I am at this point where I can recognize my wrongdoing so it’s not like it’s a humungous problem, the first step of recovery is admitting you have an addiction, right?

I’m writing this and I will not lie, I feel like vomiting. I washed down my medication with some Irn Bru after I brushed my teeth. My mouth tastes and smells like a Glaswegian’s hangover.

Other negatives I could list: my wisdom tooth has still not peaked through and it’s absolute agony – it’s ruining eating for me, and I’m a massive foodie! I wish I could afford the dentist, this is all a little out of hand. The second moan of the day is that my skin has broke out a little with some small blemishes, luckily they are just small blemishes but it’s still annoying. I’m worried if I stress out that they will become bigger or worse – cystic! We all know the trouble I had before with cystic acne… and that is not a pathway I would like to take again. Thankfully 90% of the time I have completely clear skin, I think this is a part of having stable medicated blood levels and being a woman. I may have just found a perk to my twenties!

It was Antman UK release day and although I anticipated it to be good, I was shocked at how fantastic it was. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but stay til the complete end of the movie to see some Captain America! The movie also sees the introduction of two new avengers. That’s all I’m giving you.

I’ll speak to you all tomorrow with a new update and maybe something more exciting going on like losing a toe or something. I really don’t know, it’s too late for me. Goodnight friends!

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