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DAY 30

I'm feeling great and motivated like I can climb Everest in a pair of my most uncomfortable shoes. Today I had a longer shift at work which meant I had to run for 5 hours before being able to get anything to eat - not the best thing when you haven't had breakfast! Although I will state it made my yoghurt a thousand times nicer when I got around to eating it.

I took my long commute home and then did a little bit more shopping - okay so last night I went completely crazy and bought 90% of Amazon, but I have a theory! If I change all in my life to be beautiful, I will have a beautiful life. I changed my bedroom to be more airy and natural - with textures I like the feel of and smells I like.

I love being in the room now, at the moment as I type this my puppy Daisy is just snuggled into my feet loving life. Both of us are just sitting here loving life. I'm very excited to receive my tapestry tomorrow, it's a 'Good Luck' tapestry and it's going to look beautiful on my wall.

I spent two and a half hours cleaning my bedroom and binning things today. Sorting out art supplies is the worst - particularly when it gets so abstract like "Do I need this spoon?", "yes, that's for painting". There is one area left untouched in my bedroom however... The Closet. I'm terrified. It's going to be so difficult - I need to definitely donate things to charity stores or else all my clothes will start amalgamating into a giant clothes monster and eat me.

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