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DAY 33

Today I feel like I'm just taking the time to adjust to things, I woke up to the most strange morning.
Someone in a blue NHS uniform was banging my door down and trying to open my door! Immediately I thought, why on earth is this happening? None of my nurses wear that uniform and they've never attended my home before... surely my psychiatrist would've mentioned if he was sending a home help. I looked at my phone: missed call from my boyfriend. I may be truly crazy but I thought, oh god... my boyfriend has called my psychiatrist and is getting me detained! I was frantic for all of five minutes and called my boyfriend with no answer. He then texted saying he "had news". I looked out the window and saw the NHS nurse go back into her car, before walking across the street. She must've went to the wrong door! My boyfriend called and told me that he got the job he was interviewed a few weeks ago. I think I needed a breather just from the sheer instant panic I got when I thought I was being taken away to the psychiatric hospital!

Obviously, my boyfriend found it hilarious and now I can see how funny it was considering I am completely fine and not acting erratically.

I am so happy for my partner getting a really great job. It had been a long time coming, but to secure a job where his salary is shockingly better than his current one - is definitely a great reward for him. He has always been a kind, loving man who had doubts about himself. He never went to university or college to get an education and he was in a minimum wage job that needed no experience. When he left school he took an apprenticeship, so luckily enough that helped further his Business Administration career. A leading UK bank has taken him on in a city centre position to help head office, giving him a salary graduates dream of - four times what he got paid before. I'm vastly proud of him, and that news makes me so happy.

I've been chilling out and keeping quiet today I guess, I've felt a little sad after hearing the likelihood of being Schizophrenic. I'm going on my anti-psychotics soon, so I'm looking to lose a stone of weight. Anti-Psychotics make people gain weight like crazy apparently, so I'm dieting now so that the blow is minimum and that I can stay the same weight. I've started doing things like yoga again to build up the muscle in my legs and tone everything up, and it won't be long until I can pump it all out at the gym again.

I think I'm doing okay, I'm just having a little bit of a hard time... Ru Paul's Drag Race is helping.

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