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DAY 35

Today I've had a great productive day, started off with puppy sitting then we went for dinner in what will be our new hometown, then quick 5 minute commute to Glasgow to watch The Gallows in the movies. My boyfriend hated the movie, he thought it was awful... I personally found it quite clever however when I watch scary movies I tend to hide through all the scary parts - I famously paid to see Woman In Black 2, without actually seeing the Woman in Black because I hid so much.

Today I've been thinking a lot about change and which things I should change about myself for the better. To me, in all that I do I've always strived to stay humble and do things selflessly. It's just such an important concept to me to help others. I don't know if that sounds peculiar, but I am driven to help things that are far bigger than myself. That's not to say I don't put time aside for myself because I do, I just think my contribution to others is much more significant.

In this world there are so many different people. On social media we see everyone from serial braggers to the socially reclusive. I would fit myself in the category of 'friend', if I really had to choose. I devote my life to helping others, helping causes, helping animals and just helping, period. There is nothing more enriching than devoting yourself to a cause and following that through. I feel that responsibility a lot with the campaigns I front for animal testing and local laws. I've noticed now that there has become this 'cool status' with looking productive for ethical reasons. I encourage everyone to take an interest in our world and what's going on, especially taking part with campaigns and charities. As a result of social media, we have people who take a photo of themselves helping a homeless person: firstly, it's great you've decided to help someone but secondly... there is a strong motive of boosting your personal profile. A good deed is not one that's used to satisfy your hunger for social acclaim or greed. I've came across people who speak out 20 minutes about themselves to spark interest, a second mentioning a charities name then proceeding to state their cause was fully for a charity: again, the social acclaim idea.

I've had people try to compete with the blog, I've had people think it were about me and I want to say - again, like I do almost every night: this is about helping you reading.

I'm glad that through all these illnesses and horrible moments, I've always retained my selfless quality. It's a piece of my character that's never disappeared. I think being a good person is important, I strive to be good - but with that, I also strive to be honest. I am not an entirely good person. My illness does mean I can speak out of turn, get angry and blank out people. The difference being is that every day I do good things, I make the effort. I want to change, like I said, things about myself for the better. I mostly want to do more good deeds, I only wish there were more hours in my day.

I've got a little question tonight as well if anyone wants to point themselves out, I know you all prefer tweet over comment, but has anyone heard of the semi-colon mental health trend? Has anyone went out and got tattooed? I think it's interesting, I'm not sure if I'd go for it - I don't have any tattoos and if I ever do I only want one,  it's a natural skin beauty preference - do you guys think it's a good idea?

As ever, I'll be on twitter to talk about this!

Anyway, from today's thoughts I want to just say: Even though times are difficult and you may not be in control of your moods, use all your brain power to strive to be a good person. Make a 'good deeds' list, front a campaign or join a charity. Being selflessly good will have great benefits for your mental wellbeing. Even more difficult, be nice to those who are not nice to you. There's a challenge for you.

All my love guys, speak tomorrow

Mi x

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