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DAY 38

Well today was productive.

I did some interviews for the blog to tell people what is available here, to raise awareness of bipolar disorder in young people and to help eradicate mental health stigma. The first interview lasted around an hour, the second was around an hour and a half. The first interview will be released out to all of Scotland/Glasgow the second will be released locally for those down the Clyde.

I apologise if it seems the communications with media is predominately Scottish, there are complications with travel and also I want to let people know the fantastic services SAMH and Bipolar Scotland have provided me.

I feel totally knackered (writing this as I travel home!) and I'm glad I got through that process today. I hate being on camera, my own camera - I can deal with! I'm the kind of girl who takes 10 selfies before there is a good one. I remember getting photos taken today and the photographer asked for me to smile and I swear I just got nervous facial ticks like 'Oh god, I've lost control of my face!'. I'm not cut out for media at all, and yet I still did it for you guys! I hate attention on myself but if opportunities arise that will help the blog and the mental health community - I have to agree! There is no space to be selfish in this. Although, I wish I didn't wear super comfortable old high-tops, particularly when they were going to do a 'foot shot'. I know, I wish that sounded less weird than what it was but it was pretty weird. I also had to try and look super 'casual', I'm a dresses and heels person and I didn't want to look unapproachable so I tried to look chill. I don't know how that came across honestly.

I think I handled today quite well, it was a new atmosphere and quite stressful however the people I was working with were really calm and collected. I feel a little bit overwhelmed, but I think I just need some food and a nice big nap. I think it's important to try things out and consider the bigger picture. Too often I say no because I'm worried about the effect on myself: How will I look? How will I be portrayed? A lesson in selflessness is to think of the bigger picture and just go for it. If I can contribute to the success of something significant in our health industry, then gosh I will do it.

Here is my challenge for you: Tomorrow, do something you wouldn't normally do. Do something really wild or even just break your routine. I understand how important it is to have normality, so do not break important routines or completely disrupt your life: just try something new. Take up knitting, blogging, painting or watch a different genre of movie. I guarantee you by trying something new you will be adding a golden feature on to your personality, you'll learn something and you'll have a fun experience just because you tested the waters of experimentation.

Tonight, I will be heading home - maybe watch a few movies and head to bed as I have work tomorrow. I'm very excited for Thursday and Friday which are my days off and I have completely nothing planned. I have spent so much money every day just on travel and my bank account must be really red and swollen at the moment. Don't you just anticipate being lazy? I mean being productive is fantastic but I really wish for the times I could be snuggled up in my favourite blanket with just my puppy for company. When she isn't eating me, barking or peeing on my carpet: she's fantastic company!

So I am signing off here, I hope you all had a fantastic day today and tomorrow is a fresh start! Try something new, do something great.

I will see you tomorrow friends!

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