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DAY 41

I did some filming with friends today, it was super casual and so wasn't too stressful. I was at uni, shortly after that as a reward I treated myself to a McDonalds. Exciting, right?

Today I started my antipsychotic medication and for the first two hours I felt fine, then I was sitting on the train and I got this horrendous migraine, not long after that I felt very very sleepy. I was struggling to keep my eyes open and as I walked around and even spoke to others - I just felt like I was going to fall asleep. It was honestly the most tired I had ever felt. When I got home this afternoon I lay on the couch with the puppy and had a 3 hour long nap. And now? I still feel really exhausted.

Now here's the conundrum, I have work tomorrow and it's quite a fast paced job where you have to be on the ball. Do I take my medication considering what it did to me? I could explain to my manager about the medication I'm on but they probably wouldn't be happy with me not performing as well at work, so I see very little understanding there as it is a fast paced job.

I never received any other side effects, I felt a little hungrier which is bad. I just had the issue with migraines and drowsiness. I never had any effects of Parkinsonism, unless that's a thing where it develops over time. I'm not entirely sure.

I saw my best friend at the train station today so had a chat with her on our way home. I've really missed her as she lives further away and it's difficult meeting up with conflicting schedules. She's one of the sweetest people I know and I learn a lot from her about being selfless.

I wish I had more to document for my day but I really don't, it was a long day but I've been exhausted the whole way through. As I write this, Daisy is munching on her dental bone in my bed and I can already envision how it'll feel as I roll about in the remnants tonight. It sounds so peculiar but I have a really nice cereal downstairs and I'm actually excited to wake up early tomorrow so I can eat some. I'm definitely a 'grubber'.

How do you guys deal with bad side effects of medication? I have to take mine in the morning but I'm wondering if I can take it at night instead, however it may change the way it works. It's not even working yet so I'm not entirely sure it's even effective. However, I give everything a go!

Advice on side effects and working whilst on strong medication will be appreciated! As ever I am on twitter if you want to strike up a conversation, I love talking to you all!

I'm going to FINALLY chill out now and watch some television.

Speak soon buddies!

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