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DAY 46

Today I am feeling good although a little exhausted. I had work and then I did some intensive shopping, followed by some more intensive shopping and hanging outside said stores with the puppy.

Daisy is currently snoozing at my feet while I write this, which is pretty adorable.

Last night I properly told the people nearest to me about my blog and what I've been doing. I felt it was time they knew of my writings, before they all received a shock announcement from elsewhere. My blog has became my personal diary but since all the attention came, it's been increasingly difficult to stay honest. Often I worry about what I say and consider editing or deleting a post - but I haven't yet. If people can't face the truth or the intensity of someone's feelings then the issue lies solely with them. I should not have to filter myself for being honest and speaking out about Mental Health.

I'm feeling very excited about my life at the moment. I have a bunch of little things going on, yes - little things! Little projects I'm doing that are helping make me happy. It's late at night as I write this and I'm not yet falling asleep at the keyboard! I'm very excited just to research ideas and look at how I can do things.

My day has orientated a lot around Daisy, even though I was out in the city for most of the day. I bought daisy this new bone chew which she apparently has minimal interest in. I've found that if Daisy can't destruct something within an hour, she hates it. She had an eventful day out which included barking like crazy on the bus out. People always tut and look at me when my puppy starts barking, when she starts barking I immediately try to calm her down. I don't think others being negative around me is entirely helpful towards calming the puppy down. I personally hate listening to babies cry, but I still manage to smile or ignore it. If I were to tut and pout at someone because their baby is crying - I'm ninety percent sure I'd be public enemy number one! You know me though, I love animals... it's a shame not everyone has that opinion.

Daisy has helped me a lot within my life. I mean my dad gets really sick of her sometimes, as do I, and it doesn't help the stress levels in that sense! But it's so therapeutic to share your life with a dog. Daisy comes long walks with me so just exercising her massively assures my wellbeing! She loves playing, she entertains me and makes me laugh. She also unconditionally loves me, so she loves cuddling up and being stroked. Dogs are fantastic as companionship for those with mental illness. Daisy is my dad's dog, so she's almost like my 'little sister' and I adore her.

Although if you're looking for a pet to help your mental wellbeing, a dog can be a big responsibility. A rabbit can satisfy a lot of the cool things a dog does! Believe it or not they're super clean, super playful, super cuddly and very energetic! I almost raise my bunnies like dogs, they respond to their name and commands... they are very friendly... and they enjoy loads of cuddles. The best thing about bunnies is that they're really soft and can be small. Flower is really well handled so she is very friendly, she also loves giving people little kisses. My pets really make me happy.

If you have a mental illness and you do want to help yourself, if you're serious about the responsibility - I'd recommend getting a furry companion. Getting a dog is so rewarding, but if you don't want the intense responsibility - go for a house rabbit! They live just like cats and give you affection like no other animal! Last year I had 2 old boys - a labrador Sandy and a bunny Alfie. Now I have my two girls - beagle Daisy and dutch bunny Flower. I can't recommend animals enough.

And to think you all thought you'd get away with me not talking about animals!

Companionship is everything in mental illness and that's why I recommend getting a pet, you'll never know their potential of love until you get one.

I hope you're all doing well! If you've ever experienced 'pet therapy' let me know about it! I wanna know all about your furry companions :)

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