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DAY 51

Today I am feeling content in the sense that I've achieved a lot, and my newly refurbished dresser is looking great. I've been looking after the puppy a lot today and the weather was totally hectic which made it slightly miserable walking her.

I'm sitting in a beautifully clean room and it feels so good.

I called my charge nurse today to report a side effect of my medication - the eye problems, and she basically told me that she couldn't see 'eye problems' as a side effect on the internet. To which I told her that I did see it as a side effect online. I asked if I should get an eye test or something and she said "Yes, Just incase it's something else". My eyesight has drastically gotten worse! It's not just happened on it's own, it's my medication that's doing it! I am on the NHS website right now and it says 'eyesight problems' are common. If you wanna see yourself check 'risperdal' on NHS website.

I feel a bit like I've been told I'm a liar or worse.. a drama queen. I've not naturally lost my eyesight, it's so sudden and I'm only 20 and have general good eye health so why would this happen to me? I've to seek immediate medical advice which I have, but I've been dismissed and a 'note' has been given to my psychiatrist.

Why is it so hard for people to take mentally ill people seriously? She's more than likely dismissed this as part of my illness of worrying or having anxiety, when I'm being downright honest. I can't see!

Has anyone else experienced this? Ever been called a liar from the medical team?

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