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DAY 59

I don’t think people realise how much effort goes into writing a blog daily, but to me it’s compulsory and I believe it’s changed very quickly from writing a personal diary to writing to a very, very large audience. I like to accommodate you all in my writings as much as I can, and I hope you feel my posts are respectively inclusive of you all and all your individual stories, efforts and issues.

There are certain things I do on here that I will admit to, every day I reflect followed by some analysis and an evaluation. It’s the best science to creating a post which reaches out to you and it’s a formula I have mentally adapted to stop writing something so bland. The second thing is in my language, because I have such a vast audience with a stronghold in Slovakia and other European countries, because I appreciate the standard of English is not great for us all – I almost dumb myself down. I hate saying that, and I remember having an in depth conversation with the boyfriend the other day – wishing I could do something a little more vernacularly advanced. I like writing pieces with challenge and motive and sometimes I get a little sick on here writing this, because it’s not truly the kind of thing I want to be writing. I’ve tailored greatly for my audience, but soon I will be able to write more stylistically and however I want.

I also source an image every day, related to what I’ve written and give you a tone for the piece before you begin. I love more graphic art than the quote itself, I’m not a quote person because I’m naturally a much more independent writer. However, I’ve had a lot of positive feedback regarding the images with many people reposting them so I aim to find a good picture (of course, handpicked by myself!).

The layout for my blog was completely created by myself, I’m good with CSS and HTML coding but I just wanted to create a standard, basic, readable, clean blog. I loathe uncoordinated chaotic backgrounds, it really ruins the readability of a piece and my biggest pet hate of a blog is when you’re on Tumblr or something and it plays music. How tacky! Stylistically you could always imagine, as I am a designer at the forefront, I would be entirely picky.

So why am I giving you the 411? I’ve realised, very gladly, a lot of people have been inspired by me to pick up their blogs and post after years! I thought at first when I saw a few friends doing it that it was a coincidence, but many of you have contacted to say you are. I think that’s fantastic! I’m glad to have served as your inspiration! In the case of mental health, writing is wildly therapeutic. English was my best subject at school – full mark A student – and so I always wanted to study something like Philosophy, another A student in that. I picked design because I happened to have a talent in art, however I love writing so it’s fitting for me to have this blog and to enjoy it so much.

I was angered at first but someone who has spent years attacking me started posting on their blog in a bid to compete with our community. Now I feel, really happy. I’ve managed to inspire even the people who dislike me to start writing! I don’t feel my blog as a source of competition, because it’s achieved everything it could have. Thousands of views? Check! An active feedback system? Check! I don’t allow for comments on here as I feel it detracts from the privacy of the blog, I like our relationship being personal. I also don’t post the blog to family, however now they know it exists and do have the odd browse. This blog has brought around so much chaos, and it’s nice working together with supporting charities to successfully raise awareness to thousands of people.

I hope you feel inspired to do something good, with every word be inspiring. As I hate personal attention I make each sentence productive in my goal of reaching an audience, raising awareness for illness and resources.

This blog is as selfless as I can make it without being a ghost. ‘Me, me me’… isn’t really me. I hope it helps you everyday and that my words inspire you to take further action.

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