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DAY 65

I'm going to talk about dealing with people, in the past week I've had two people misinterpret my context in what I say. There are reasons for this - 1. The world is so ready to take offence at absolutely everything, 2. I think I use too sophisticated an explanation and I throw people off. My intention is never to be offensive - I remember a guy told me that I was singling out sexism as purely as a man against woman thing, because that was the way my example was. My example was personal so the sexism I experience is a man against woman, and I didn't know every time I gave a specific example I had to back up with 'but it happens here and here too', I'm well aware it does and I fight against sexism towards men too so I think that person was looking for an argument, as many more straight men also agreed with my example and related although on different gender terms. What did I do? I apologised. If one person can get offended - granted through ignorance of context - then other people could miscommunicate my message, it's about catering to all people. Again tonight it happened but probably a little more personal, I originally ignored it but when it came as much more direct I knew that I had to sign off a potential argument before it became an online stage to slander me on.

There are times when people don't understand you and when they make a mockery of you or insult you, and sometimes you just have to take it. You don't know what that persons going through or how that person feels, If I took offence every single time that happened - I'd have to unplug my wifi. I always apologise, even when I don't think I'm wrong because it's the right thing to do. I get mocked for being kind, but I think there are so many people who aren't used to kindness being shown so openly. The world has this big attitude against being positive, that I'm this misfit because I choose to be optimistic and doing that makes me 'abnormal', 'irregular' and 'weak'. Kindness is much stronger than people think, and I like being like this.

When I'm confronted I usually get angry or start crying, I'm such an emotional wreck that it ruins me. If a stranger said my hair was crap I'd probably have a horrible day, that's how anxiety works. I find it sad that people who know I have mental health problems or something more specific like anxiety, say unsavoury things - it's a little ignorant. It's a bit like taking the insulin off someone with diabetes.

I get so worked up about things I just take time away then come back, hence why this post will be uploaded late. It's difficult but just always be kind - like I said, you don't know what people are going through so don't question their intent or cruise for an argument because you don't know them. In the words of Cinderella: Have Courage and Be Kind.

For the thousands of people who love this blog and it's message, I usually have 1 who thinks it's lame. Thats life!

Have a fantastic Tuesday, and I hope your Monday was a little better than mine!