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DAY 69

So last night I dyed my hair, it was potentially the worst hair disaster I have personally had. So last time I used a new product (this was 4 months ago, yes 4 months of regrowth! My scalp felt holy!) I had a patchy experience but I thought it was just down to me. I realised that the paste was really thick and hard to distribute but I just had to adjust to using a new product since my last one was discontinued.

So since I left my hair 4 months instead of 2, I bought two boxes of dye/lightener. I was so anxious to dye my hair because I worried I’d left my roots so long it’d make my job more difficult (and oh boy it did!). Forgetting that this paste is so thick, I spread it through my hair and I felt it was pretty covered/evenly applied. Then it developed – the top as presumed going light blonde immediately, the bottom of the root still it’s natural brown. I applied more and left it, almost all my hair was blonde but still brown bits! I thought I’d wait a little longer – pushing my 45 minute waiting time. Time was up and I was like… I’m going to start losing my hair from this point so I better wash it out. I washed it out – NIGHTMARE. Beautiful blonde roots with brown patches. It wasn’t even subtle, it looked like I had accidentally gotten mascara in my hair everywhere.

From this point I had two choices: 1. Dye my whole head brown/dark blonde. Risk: Bleached hair can go green, I loved my haircolour too and if I went darker the only way to go back would be a full bleach and I wouldn’t be able to do that without damaging it.

2. Just go with it

3. Tentatively bleach the little brown bits again. Risk: Major breakage if in contact with previously bleached hair – only way to correct would be to shave my hair.

I decided just to bleach my hair again. I did it really carefully and didn’t leave it on long, I saw some breakage at the top but at this point I was like ‘damn it, I’m gonna keep going – I’ll gel my flyaways!’. I washed it off – looking in the sink like… oh god my hairs all going to wash out. I still had dark parts – but more of a golden blonde – so I thought… bugger it! I’ll tone it! Went with my toner, through the darker parts first then the rest. Finished result? Still patchy but MUCH less noticeable, it’s potentially liveable – I refuse to go and bleach again to correct it. So what I’m going to do is lighten it for a few weeks with lemon juice just to bring them up, I think they’re only 1 shade darker, because it’s quite ashy I need to look at lightening rather than toning.

So the patchiness I have is VERY subtle, I’ve dealt with patchiness before and it just blends out eventually – or the next time I do my roots I give it a dab. So I feel like it’s been a success, not a whole success – but better. What does this mean now? Well I need to hunt for a new product again. I only use drugstore because the bleach from Sallys is so strong and I genuinely don’t trust myself, so I get watered down lighteners since I do naturally have a blonde/light brown shade.

I was so so so so scared to do my hair and then this major disaster happens. I’ve had bleached hair for 4 years and my hair is in good condition, I’ve never had a huge problem – little things like wrong tone or like a tiny patch which is easy to sort. This time it just didn’t take too well to me, and I fully think it’s the wrong dye – I shouldn’t have gave it the benefit of the doubt because it was truly awful.

I’m glad I don’t have to do this for the next 2 months.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, I would’ve posted last night but I was to busy having a hair disaster. It really upset me! But I didn’t cry which is fab! I also took the idea of a full shaven head on the chin, because personally I’ve always wanted a shaved hairstyle! Now I need to watch what happens over the next few weeks and try to improve these little patches!

I hope you’re having a better day than me, and from this experience I just want you to know – nothing is permanent. Time is a massive healer! If I goosed up all my hair, heck – it’d grow back. I have alopecia anyway, so I can’t be attatched to my hair too much.

In other advice, don’t bleach your hair unless you’re a brave person who doesn’t mind a shaven haircut.