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DAY 73

Today has been a quiet Internet day, doing some systematising of email, contacts and storage. I’ve been planning things I’m hoping to execute within the next few weeks and just generally getting prepared with the blog and my other platforms.

It’s now September so everything feels fresh and new, it’s so close to autumn - which is my preferred season and I’m just feeling so ready to go! I’ve looked up some exquisite baking recipes and I’m in the middle of looking for my new favourite fragrance. I’m totally embracing the season of crispy umber!

Today I found out some disconcerting news imposed by someone else and it really irritated me. It affected my life, not by much – but it upset me because it did and I honestly had to stop myself shrieking. Then I had some food, because you know I’m always cranky when I’m hungry, then I got over it.

I feel like it’s silly to squander time getting angry or upset over someone else’s actions. It sucks that what someone does can affect you but as people we all have free will and we can all exercise that right nonsensically if we want to. Some people will do things I don’t agree with or I don’t like, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I think you have to let people do what they want to do, no matter how lame! It’s all about handling the decisions others make without having a right good argument about it all.

If you ever feel heated over a situation that someone has given you, take a step back. Is it really as bad as you think it is? What can you do to accommodate this and retain normalcy?

It sounds bizarre, but it’s worth reminding yourself that situations aren’t all about you and people are going to do things that affect you without thinking about what it does to you. I find that you have to look out for yourself in all circumstances and not get too wound up about things that are entirely out of your hands.

Distraction is key, you feel a temper burning then just think of something else – do something else if it’s a longstanding situation. Do yoga or meditate. I do productive charity work when I’m stressed out – it helps me compose myself and move on from perverse situations.

I’ve learned today that things will happen that I don’t like and I can’t change, but dealing with that is addressing issues within myself and stimulating my mind enough to never think about it. Distraction really works! Although it’s a difficult skill to master, you’ll discover so much gratification from the new challenges you give yourself or the new tasks to keep your mind in check. I think you have to exercise your mind just as much as you do your body – a mind that isn’t stimulated is a mind full of anger, bitterness and repetition. To look after your wellbeing you have to stimulate yourself, think new thoughts and try new things – you won’t have the time to think about other people’s actions and you’ll learn to not care because you have more momentous things going on.

I think 70% of my blogposts urge you to try something new, but genuinely it is so rewarding.

 I’ll speak again tomorrow my beautiful friends, have a lovely day,