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DAY 74

Hello autumn.
I felt the wind crawl down my neck; the whole area has this big shadow that spelled the end of summer. I love it. I’m almost overflowing with excitement to wear my larger coats. I’m writing a list of all the fantastic things I am going to do this season. I’m chiefly excited for bonfire night.

Today - other than noticing the change of season - I’ve been trying to control my puppy’s frantic barking. My neighbours must be so sick of Daisy’s yelping, I know I am! She’s in heat at the moment so it means she’s incredibly needy and attention seeking, so basically she barks aggressively at us for no reason. Other than that, I was continuing with organizing emails and events so keeping myself busy. I got my copy of the See Me Supplement where my blog was featured, which was super cool! I’m glad it’s reaching new audiences and if you are reading today from there then happy hello to you!

I’m in this massive mood for change like I just need a few adjustments for life to feel fresh again. I never want things to get repetitive and boring, so I need to create enough stimulation to keep my mind off my illness. I wasn’t joking about the Autumn list! I’m really going to write a list of things I want to do and things I want to achieve. Quite honestly I am just a huge list person.

You don’t realise how satisfying it is to write lists, I really organise my mind by littering post-it notes around the room and I am a slave for a ‘To Do’ list. Writing things down makes me more inclined to stick to it and it serves as a brilliant reminder. Try making yourself little goal lists, even if it’s just for your day. I have a little whiteboard where I write down what I need to do the next day. It really keeps me in check!

I’m absolutely exhausted so I’m heading to bed now, have a fantastic evening you guys!