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'Unsaid Things' Challenge

I'm doing what I call the 'unsaid things' challenge for the next two weeks where I will post every day a poem or quote that explains something in my life, how I had felt/feel, an experience of mine or even just something that appeals to me or inspires me. 

I challenge you all for the next 14 days to post something everyday that speaks on your behalf. Whether it be a quote, poem, song, piece of art or video - anything goes! I would love to see people engage in this. Why the Challenge? Well I thought you'd be wondering that!

People with mental illnesses are often irritated further when they are under overwhelming stress. The best therapy of dealing with stress is speaking - but how do you speak out when you are too afraid? This is all about opening up with who we are as people and creating a way to communicate what we feel. Many people do this naturally every day, whether it be on a quote that you 'liked' on Facebook or a song lyric you posted on twitter. For fourteen days, try and post something daily on whichever social media platform you favour - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or even your own blog!

This is a way to get people communicating their feelings and it's a way for us all to learn to open up, even when we are afraid. In turn, this will raise further awareness for those who have a mental illness that means they feel crippled by their thoughts, or those who can't open up so easily.

I will be posting my challenge daily on Snapchat for the fourteen days. To see what I am saying you can add me here: Mimibunnytoes.

Please share this post and invite your friends to join. I anticipate all your posts.