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DAY 15: Inveigher

Today has not been the best day for me, but of course – I have to continue my streak and still write everyday. I’ve got quite a bad viral infection affecting my throat, chest and ears and in general my whole body is feeling very weak at the moment. My attention span is in the negatives, however the show must go on.

I have shamelessly spent most of my day in bed. I woke up with a burning sensation in my throat and I was struggling to breathe so I instantaneously bolted straight to the doctors surgery first thing this morning, only to be told that the soonest I could see the doctor was around 5pm. As you can imagine I stomped all the way home with my fists scrunched, low-key hoping that I would die just to spite the receptionist (I’m telling you, I’m irrational when I’m mad!). I frantically went on to my phone’s app store in what can only be described as a swift evolution from Bruce Banner to Hulk, I shamefully downloaded the twitter app as I readied my fingers for the rant to end all rants.

Thankfully in those moments of downloading twitter and swearing like an absolute trooper under my breath, I calmed down enough to refrain from the negative spiel I was going to bless you all with. Okay, I’ll admit I did rant to just about all my friends. If language could paint, I had painted a rainbow this morning.

I’ve tossed and turned in bed all day excluding the times I was at the doctor’s practice, so I’ll admit to feeling a little sorry for myself. I’m one of those people who don’t just get a ‘little’ infection, when I get infected my body just loves to fail me and shut down so it is definitely difficult to keep myself in a good mood.

It’s also, most probably, the first time since I turned 18 where I’ve felt so physically unwell that I can’t function properly. Being an adult is difficult! Nobody here to wake me up and remind me to take medicine, or bring me ice cream… Maybe being single is difficult? I have no idea. What I’m trying to say is life can really punch you sometimes, I mean, this throat was singing Taylor Swift yesterday – now it’s trying to close up and kill me. (In hindsight, late night T-Swift was most probably not appropriate since I had already some bother with my throat).

Today I’ve felt miserable, blindly angry and completely knackered. Let’s consider this one as an off day; we’re all entitled to one! I’ve managed to not cry today and I’ve managed to refrain from a Kanye-West-Like twitter rant about my doctors’ practice. Little success stories, but I’m still going to count them.

It’s essential to look after yourself but accept that you’re not going to be 100% all the time. We’re all human; we all have bad days. Hopefully you can get to the stage where you look at that god-awful Friday you had and chuckle. Or at least giggle whilst you delete the tweets you wrote in anger about the daft thing that happened to you.

Feeling rough, but generally good. Hey! First thing I’m viral, next thing I have a viral infection. Not bad, if there is a God – he has a great sense of humour.