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DAY 28: Unsullied

Today I had so many things planned for myself, I put aside my evening as a 'get myself together' day. It didn't necessarily work out that way, I unfortunately ended up being lazy and lying around on my couch whilst eating an unholy amount of food. I was intending on going a shopping trip tomorrow but unfortunately public transport is sparse so I'm going to spend tomorrow 'getting myself together'. I have to tidy everything up and I have to put together a garment for university, so I'm definitely busy.

It's so difficult for me to find motivation still, once I start something I get on well with it - but I can't seem to figure out where to begin. When I wake up tomorrow morning I am going to start fresh: with a new and exhilarating To-Do list. I have a whiteboard in my room where I used to write my daily routine up but over time I stopped sticking to it, so I'm going to start fresh tomorrow. I am quite a visual person so I think my motivation will come if I just bin all my possessions and have a clean slate in my room, which will better help communicate my to-do lists.

In managing my illness I feel I have to do so many tedious things like 'to-do' lists, but it really does help me keep things in order. I hate university because my university just springs things on me and it makes my life really difficult, so once I get into university on Monday I am going to clear out all my studio space. I'll let you all know the success of my deep clean mentality and if I feel any better, but usually a clean environment does make me feel a little more productive at least. These are just little things, but they will better my life and they will definitely boost my motivation.

Having a plan, being in an organised environment and keeping things fresh keeps me stimulated, and when I am feeling unwell it's definitely what I need to push me on and accomplish what I need to.