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DAY 46: Check In

Tomorrow is a really important day for me so I think I will best communicate what's been happening after the events of tomorrow have passed. I hate checking in here sometimes, I think I've been so put off discussing things that are going on with me and I know it would be impossible to continue this blog not letting you in on my life. I've kept my personal life pretty private on here, and I hope to continue that even more so from now on. It's trying to strike the balance with letting you all in and delivering the appropriate context for what is going on, without having to introduce you all to personal aspects of my life. Again, I'm being ridiculously vague and I understand this whole post is just a bit bizarre but I wanted to check in and basically say: I'm here and a lot is going on, and I'll deliver that to you in the most appropriate ways when I figure out how to communicate things.

I do feel a bit pensive right now, but I'm holding back how sentimental I am until I write again after tomorrow.

I've had a lot of people reach out to me from different places, concern for me and concern about my availability. I will assure you all that I am available for all of you, contact me if you are in dire need of talking to someone - even email if you want to grab me! I would never ever ignore someone in need, regardless of whats going on with me.

I'll speak again when I figure out how to. Wish me luck for tomorrow!