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DAY 47: Congradulations

After four years, I have graduated!
A family death, personal circumstances leading to a heavy bipolar relapse made it so difficult but it means when I graduated I felt my accomplishments so much more, having had so much going on. At the end of May, just before my deadline - I buckled under the pressure and I seriously considered leaving university and spoke to Student Support about my options. My family and friends spurred me on and with the full support of my doctors and mental health team I managed to get everything done on time. I was rewarded very well for doing so. I've known my results for 2 weeks and despite the excitement I didn't want to discuss finishing university until my graduation, to make the moment more poignant.
My parents and my best friends attended my graduation and it's so nice to feel that love. I've received loads of cards, gifts and I was surprised with flowers yesterday and it really makes me look at my life and think 'wow, I am very lucky'.
I am unwell today as I write this as my lithium is too high a dose so I have the day off - but in a weird positive way, it has given me the time to finally write on here. I want to be honest with you reading because it's all that I've built this blog on - being honest.
The reason I have not been writing is because I'm finding things a little difficult to communicate at the moment, I obviously don't want to speak about my personal life on here - or any social media - anymore, and so it makes it a little bit more difficult to inform you. What I can say is I have deeply struggled with my mental health in the past month, so I had to almost overhaul my life. I took every toxic aspect of my life out and replaced it with something more simple and positive. I look at the person I was 6 months ago, and the woman I am now is just so different in so many ways, both positive and negative just from the changes I've implemented and my new life. I'll discuss this further in due time.
My life post graduation? It's exciting and scary. I don't want to discuss too much the professional opportunities I'm afforded and what I'm currently doing, just because I want to keep some of my life back, but it's beautiful to live a life of experiences based on bringing joy to others.

Speak soon,
Aymie-Michelle Black BA (Hons)

a.k.a. your Mimi