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DAY 49: 21 Things I Learned About 21

I am turning 22 years old on Friday and my life has very much taken a U-turn to the position it was in last July. As you get older, you get wiser - and I have clearly doubled in maturity and cleverness. I have experienced a lot, and for that - I am grateful.

Tomorrow, I am going to head to London in my first step of 'adulting' and so I'm writing right now (instead of packing my hand luggage), as I perhaps won't have the time around my birthday.

Here are 21 things I learned at 21:

1. Put your health first, there are consequences if you don't
2. Set aside time for your family, your life will be richer
3. True friends will always have a place in your life, and you will always have a place in theirs
4. You don't know when your 'last times' are, remember that in every experience
5. Make plans, see them through, you will see results
6. Take risks - you will kick yourself for every thing you wanted to say or do, but didn't
7. Forgive often, a life without resentment is simpler and happier
8. Forgive yourself, your relationship with yourself is the most important, be kind to yourself
9. Don't be afraid to get lost, you find the most incredible things when you're not looking
10. Don't pay attention to what other people are doing, your life is yours and can't be compared
11. Drop the things that aren't making you feel good
12. Seeking validation from others will never make you happy
13. Honesty is honestly the best policy
14. Be true to yourself, never change yourself to fit someone else's standards
15. Don't be afraid to ask for help
16. Love really is the answer
17. Speak whats on your mind
18. You will receive a whole lot more respect when you give it
19. Kindness is not weakness
20. It's never too late to try
21. Don't give up when it gets difficult, it will only make you tougher