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How Many More Days of Mimi?

So as it turns out, writing quietly and reservedly on a blog where I have marketed myself as honest about everything and able to discuss absolutely every aspect of my life - has proven problematic.
I felt like on '100 Days of Mimi' I reached a point where I felt like a living, breathing oxymoron. I was trying to write from a different place than before, and in the grand context of what I had been doing previously - it felt like it didn't have that seamless fit, and perhaps that the blog looked slightly confused.

I have spent a laborious number of weeks revisiting content, revising the site's design and doing the blog - what I would consider - justice. When you have so many people interacting with the content you put out there it feels like a lot of responsibility, as I want to ensure that what I have built is thriving, and the best that it can possibly be.

I realised over the course of months that the format of telling you all about my daily life, did not completely feel comfortable or right to me anymore. I had to put myself first and take time to reconsider my options in writing: if I would write again and if I did, how could I make the transition from 'mood diary' to general 'mental health' writing? I know writing a daily piece on my mental health in the context of my life was what brought a lot of you here and is what most of you want, but I am reserved about certain aspects of my life now and also, some days there really is not much to report on! That in itself is a positive: I've been doing well and living a balanced life.

Now, this isn't a goodbye to the 'Days of Mimi'. Infact, I hope to still be open with you all and discuss issues at large of experiences in my own life with my own mental health - and all that I will write, will be coming from my personal experiences and what I know. There will still be that 'diary allure' to this blog, but now the content will be much more diverse by taking away the general reporting on my daily life. The 'Secrets To My Favourite Life' series was well received by people, and I'm elated that I can transition this blog to cover a range of diverse topics and formats. I feel that as the blog is growing, it is now maturing - and I am very enthusiastic about it all. I hope you all enjoy the pieces I have worked hard on, and continue to engage with the content I write. I love reading your feedback and thoughts, as usual you can find me on Twitter - where I have always loved to communicate with you all.

Following Thursday 21st December 2017: There will be a new post at 8pm every Thursday.
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